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We make and sell delicious ‘hole’ foods here at the Jersey Shore.


Dune Donuts & Bagels

Meet Tim!

est. 2019

Tim Somers is a Jersey Shore native, born and raised just to the north in Monmouth Beach. When Tim was young, he dreamed of becoming a firefighter. Then he grew up and did just that. In fact, he even became Captain of the City of Long Branch Fire Department.

A fun fact about firefighters is that they love to cook together, as it fosters camaraderie. Tim loves to cook, and cooked with his firefighting brothers in a big open family style kitchen. This band of brothers even won a few competitions together. You should ask him to tell you a story about the “walking taco”.

In 2018, after nearly thirty years, Tim retired from the fire department and decided to chase a new dream - to bring the spirit of the firehouse kitchen to the Spring Lake community. He dreamed of building a place where he could hang out, cook you something delicious and make you laugh at the same time. A few donuts got mixed into that dream too. Welcome to Dune Donuts and Bagels.

Tim’s greatest loves are his wife of 25 years, Maureen, his 3 children, good food, good times, blasting “Born to Run” on the stereo, and hanging by the beach he calls home. Tim’s friends, family and firehouse brothers agree he’s been a pretty exceptional cook his “hole life”. They are really proud and excited for his next chapter.

Tim opened Dune Donuts & Bagels in April 2019.


Tim is a donut-loving retired fire captain.


Spring Lake, NJ

Dune Donuts


The mini donuts at Dune are fun-sized and made fresh at our shop every morning! We make mini donuts exclusively so you can try several types gilt free! Inspiration is all around us, and the selection changes daily.

We source high quality ingredients for our doughnuts, and use local products whenever and where ever we can.


Spring Lake, NJ

Our Bagels


The people of New Jersey have been making some of the most delicious bagels in the world for a very long time. We’re not trying to re-invent those perfect little wheels. Dune Bagels are traditional kettle boiled and baked bagels “old school”. They are fresh every single morning.

Dune Donuts and Bagels is a complete Bagel Deli. We offer a complete breakfast and lunch menu, so come in and relax in our shop or dine on the sidewalk Adirondack chairs. We do get creative with our sandwiches. We source our meats and cheeses exclusively Boar’s Head provisions.



Good morning!


Dune Donuts & Bagels

Our Coffee

est. 2019

Our signature Dune Blend is roasted especially for us in collaboration with Asbury Roastery in Asbury Park, NJ.

We serve it hot, iced, regular, decaf and by the bag for your at home brewing pleasure.


We have a Dune Buggy!

If you’ve ever sat on the beach, or your breezy front porch and longed for a good friend to bring you a bagel sandwich, we are here to be that friend! We deliver in our ELECTRIC DUNE BUGGY! Call us with your location, and we’ll deliver your order right to your house or the nearest cross street at the boardwalk. No shoes, No Shirt, No Problem! Our phone number is 732-359-8000, call now for the best Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese you’ve ever had!

For a map of our delivery zone, click here!